"Just call her McGyver..." 

​Playback, July 2014

I consider myself a Hybrid. A Builder. A Strategist. I enjoy the puzzles within work and life. I am an artist at heart and a business executive in mind. My deep desire is to build companies within the framework of  visual entertainment, that can offer creative professionals a safe haven in which to develop stories, execute production and release their product into the world.  


Thank you to the Canadian Funding Agencies, the Provincial and National Tax Credit incentives, the Distributors... and all the talent, service providers, vendors and crew in Canada who make this possible!


Marina Cordoni

May 2014 – MCE launches at the Cannes Film Festival. 


March 2015 – 'Love on the Air' begins Principle Photography in Vancouver with Reynolds Entertainment, Entertainment One and the Hallmark Channel.


November 2015 – 'First Round Down' begins Principle Photography in Toronto and Hamilton with Substance Production. With the financial participation of Telefilm Canada and Unobtructed View.

October 2016 - 'Blood Honey' aka 'The Bequest' begins Principle Photography in Northern Ontario with Vitality Media, Lumanity Pictures. With the financial participation of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, the OMDC and Superchannel.


March 2017  - 'Never Saw It Coming' begins Principle Photography in Sudbury Ontario, with Straightshooters. With the financial participation of Telefilm Canada, The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, Prodigy Pictures and Rolling Pictures.